Concepts and Terms in the Enigma Universe

Concepts and Terms


Tech·nol·o·gy (tekˈnäləjē) – Today’s weapon of choice….the Enigma Chronicles

These specialized terms are part of the authors’ imagination. They are used throughout the stories to help highlight events or actions by the characters. The stories where they originate are identified here in case you wish to seek them out and truly enjoy them within the story context. We offer them to generate laughter and consider them far different from the use of actual terms as found in the reference area at the end of each story. ENJOY!

AARDVARK (Factor) is defined as Advanced Analytics and Reconnaissance of Digital Video & Audio Research for Kinetics. It is used in Factor to reference activities of the Chinese Red Army hypothetical cyber warfare school.

AID-FIC (Stolen) is defined as Anonymizing Infrastructure Delivering Firewall Insulation and Cloaking. It is used in Stolen to mask large amounts of data being transferred between multiple locations to be analyzed for predicting the future. The method was created by Zara of the Dteam.

AIM (Broker) is defined as Analog Information Mules

APICKS (Broker) is defined as Adaptive Polymorphic Input Command and Kinetic System: It is a black polymorphic surface engineered to ergonomically respond to hand size and finger length as well as hand angle of the individual

ART (Stolen) is defined as Algonquin Round Table. It is used in Stolen as a code name for the association of the supercomputers instigated by ICABOD (see below). The original Algonquin Round Table was a celebrated group of NYC writers, critics, actors and wits. Gathering initially as part of a practical joke, members of “The Vicious Circle”, as they dubbed themselves, met for lunch routinely at the Algonquin Hotel from 1919 until roughly 1929. ICABOD found this exclusive group fascinating.

ATM (Wraith) is defined as Asian Twin Men. It is used in Wraith as a tongue and cheek commentary on two of the characters, Won and Ton, encountered as various points in multiple stories. These two characters are directly associated with Chairman Chang.

AVR (Beyond) is the Attack Vector-Romeo (used by Granger and JW to get past the secondary security protocol at the World Bank).

BABGer’s (Threat) are the Buenos Aires Bang Gangers 

BAES (Beyond) are Breaking And Entering Software tools.

BAI HU project (Wraith) is defined as Binary Adaptive Interjected Holistically Unconquerable. It is used in Wraith to identify a project that Chairman Chang’s team is working on that will automatically mutate code based on the conditions or situations where the code is installed. It is also a code word based on the white tiger that is a beloved pet of Chairman Chang. The white tiger is known as Nikkei and appears in several of the stories.

BANG (Broker) is defined as a Binary Analog Neutral Gap

BFC (Ignite) is defined as Battle Field Communications. It is used in Ignite to highlight a new product being developed for use with army foot-soldiers for what is hoped to be ideal two-way communications.

Bizzillo-bytes (Ignite) is defined as an extraordinarily and almost undefinable number of bytes of information. It is used as a tongue in cheek size for Big Data information segments and would be far in excess of terabytes of data.

BORIS (Stolen) is defined as Binary Operations Recalculating Integers Simultaneously. It is the known named identity for our Russian supercomputer. It is maintained by our bad guys identified as the DTeam. BORIS is a member of the ART forms (see above) and can be accessed covertly by ICABOD (see below).

CALL-ME-DINGY (Rising) is defined as Competing Architectures Leveraging Mutually Exclusive Deterministic Probabilities and Outcomes Developed in Parallel for High Gain Results. It is used in Rising to reference the title of a thesis written by a young doctoral candidate, Quip of the R-Group, about fifteen years prior to this story and supposedly generated his interest in computer systems design.

CAMILA (Stolen) is defined as Computing Alpha/numeric Matrices In a Logarithmic Arrays. It is the known named identity for our Argentina supercomputer. It is maintained by our bad guys in Argentina. CAMILA is a member of the ART forms (see above) and can be accessed covertly by ICABOD (see below).

CANDY (Broker) is defined as Crass Announcements Needing Discipline or Yelling

CASH (Always) is defined as Computer Application Shot at Hostile. It is used in Always to identify a program that Jacob and ICABOD collaborated on. It offers a chance for Jacob (R-Group) to throw humor at Quip (R-group) and represents a switch in character roles.

CATS (Stolen) is defined as the Cyber Assassin Technology Services team. It is used in Stolen to identify the organization created by Julie (JAC) for supporting customers and the good guys (R-Group) in the area of security, physical protection, cyber protection, and supplemental contracting services that might be required by R-Group or any of their customers. Julie is the liaison of  the R-Group for this covert team. The team members are hand-selected for their backgrounds in weaponry, languages, covert actions, programming, and bodyguard skills. This team is the main group that will be a part of a spinoff series known as CATS Tales. First one is The Enigma Gamers – A CATS Tale.

CESPOOl (Threat) is the Cyber Elite Social Police for On-line Operations & Logistics

CCC (Source) is defined as Cody’s Crypto Currency

cc:MAIM (Source) is defined as crypto-currency:Mashup of Artificial Intelligence for Money 

CHARD (Broker) is defined as the Collective Holdings of Assets Reserved for Domination

CHOMPSKI (Ignite) is defined as Communication Helmet Offering Multi Phased Kinetic Information. It is used in Ignite to identify military experimentation on technology enabled helmets for use by foot-soldiers. The weight and wear ability are brought into question by this supposedly British developed item.

CHIANG (Beyond) is short for Collaborative Holistic Interactive Algorithmic Neural Grouping, the Chinese AI supercomputer.

CLAIM (Broker) is defined as Counterfeit Latin American Identification Manufacturer

COBWEB (Ignite) is defined as Civilian Observer Blokes Wearing Excessive Bling. It is a term that our British military characters use for identifying an American private citizen military consultant.

Comm-Blobs (Beyond) are Communications of Binary and Logical Obfuscation of Bits for Secrecy.

CRABYONE (Broker) is defined as Crash, Rot and Burn You Overrated Network Eavesdropper

CRUSH (Threat) is defined as Cyber Retribution Unleased Signifying Holocaust: (an EMP detonation inside a computer room)

DAAFFY-MATH (Stolen) is defined as Deterministic Algorithms Assembled into Future Findings Yielding a Matrix of Accelerated Theorems Holistically. It is used in Stolen by a genius character, Gretchen, to help further the programs to calculate future outcomes through dynamic programming routines.

DESKIMO (Wraith) is defined as Denial of Electrical Service Keeping Important Machinery Offline. It is used in Wraith to identify a fictional back up data library of the Chinese computer.

DDD (Broker) is defined as Digital Dumpster Diving

DMO (Broker) is defined as Dark Matter Organizations

DRAG (Always) is defined as Diseases, Religions And Governments. It is used in Always as the collective factors used against uncontrolled population growth.

DSS (Broker) is defined as Dog-Sled-Slow

DWEEBs (Ignite) is defined as Directional Wheel Entities Enabling Big Strikes. It is used in Ignite to identify the drivers of the drones that are used to get eyes on a remote project.

DUMP (Gamers) is defined as the Digital Unload of Money for Poppa: A series of programs chained together to help steal from the Macau slot machines.

FAT (Beyond) It is the concatenation of the letters FAT. Anything further is up to the imagination of the reader.

FCD (Rising) is defined as Fruity Chick Drinks. It is used by a retired drug lord, Jesus, to identify what he is being served while relaxing on a beach.

FEVLO (Threat) is defined as Fake Engineering of Video to Lead Others

FOTSTMAG (Broker) is defined as Feet On The Street To Meet And Greet

FROM-ware (Ignite) is defined as Facial Recognition of Multitudes software. It is used in Ignite to identify the program that takes the contextual clues from the Big Data results and uses that information to hunt for photos or videos where there is the highest likelihood of finding key individuals who might have a relationship or close affinity to the topic being worked.

FsU (Source) Finally Something Useful

GEPS (Broker) is defined as a Global Economic Perfect Storm

GPC (Stolen) is defined as Governance Plug Code. It is used in Stolen as a program to monitor the actions of the supercomputers that are members of the ART (see above) forms.

GOBS (Wraith) is defined as Ghost Obliteration Binary Solution. It is used in Wraith as the name of the program Jacob (R-Group) creates to be embedded at the OS level to destroy any new control applications applied to a computer.

GRAB (Beyond) is the U.S. Galactic Response to Analog & Bio-technical threats or GRAB group.

HAIRCUT (Always) is defined as Holistic Algorithms with Intelligent Reconnaissance Calculated to Undermine his Triumph. It is used in Always to identify a program that is used to undermine the efforts of the evil Dr. Pekoni.

HAM (Broker) is defined as House of Automated Misery

HOMBRE (Source) is a new Internet ride service meaning Home One Mobile Breathtaking Ride Experience

HOPSCOTCH (Always) is defined as Heuristic and Opportunistic Programming with Selectively Concatenating Orthogonal Thought Choices for a Hierarchical solution. It is used in Always to identify a host program that can be delivered with precision to multiple areas as well as use other programs to counteract evil activities.

HOPSING (Ignite) is defined as Heuristic Objective Parallel Hunting Iteratively Neutral Search. It is used in Ignite for a program that will look at multiple data streams that might be interrelated and automatically identify them.

ICABOD (Factor) is defined as Immersive Collaborative Associative Binary Override Deterministic system. ICABOD is the supercomputer designed and continually improved upon by the R-Group. ICABOD is used as a character that evolves across all of the stories in the series. ICABOD is the instigator and leader of the ART (see above) forms and their socialization.

IDIR (Gamers) is defined as Internet of Dis-Information Results. It is used in Gamers to highlight the potential corruption of the Internet.

JOAN (Beyond) is short for Jurisdiction Override from Above for Neutrality.  An enhanced AI supercomputer as one of the antagonists in the story.

k-ZAP (Source) Zero Knowledge Awareness Proof Anonymizing technology

LING-LI (Stolen) is defined as Logarithmic Integration of Numerals Going Linearly and Indefinitely. It is the known named identity for our Chinese supercomputer. It is maintained by the team under Chairman Chang. LING-LI is a member of the ART forms (see above) and can be accessed covertly by ICABOD (see above).

LUCIFER (Threat) is the offensive software tool – Logistically Undermine Computers Independently Forcing Elliptical Retribution 

MADE-DOFF (Stolen) is defined as Mathematical Algorithms of Deterministic Equations Deriving Objects of Finite Futures. It is used in Stolen to identify a program created by Gretchen, a genius bad guy programmer and used to foresee results in futures trading for investment strategies.

MACDOR (Gamers) is defined as Malicious Acting Characters Deserving Ostracism and Retribution which is how we refer to digital villains.

MAG (Beyond) is a concatenation of M A G.

MAID (Beyond) is defined as mini-A.I.-drones. 

MASPEG (Beyond) is short for Mobile Array Shock Pulse Electromagnetic Generator.

MIMO (Ignite) is defined as Multiple In and Multiple Out. It is used in Ignite to reference data searches in wireless code to isolate specific signals or conversations. Eilla-Zan laughingly coins the activity done by the program as Finding MIMO.

MODAC (Broker) is defined as the Museum of Obsolete Digital Artifacts

NABOB (Wraith) is defined as Nuclear Asymmetric Binary Operational Ballistics. It is used in Wraith to reference the Chinese investment in their technology race to the most advanced supercomputer.

NACHO (Beyond) is defined as North American Coalition of Heuristic Organization.

NADS (Beyond) is defined as North American Defense System.

NAUGHTY (Source) is defined as Non-linear Aggregation of Unrelated Galactic Heuristics with Temporal Y-axis intercepts.

NCT (Ignite) is defined as nano-chip technology. It is used in Ignite to highlight our bio-metric application possibilities for NCT.

NFC (Ignite) is defined as near field technology. It is used in Ignite for communication signals to the NCT (above).

Nympho-Cumulus (Rising) is defined as f**king thunderstorms. It is used in Rising as a colorful expression that pilots have referenced to flying through extremely violent and unpredictable weather cells.

OCELET (Factor) is defined as Optically Clear Evaluation of Linear Electronic Telephony systems. It is used in Factor to discuss the process for mapping various systems into a 3-D image that the team can then evaluate from different perspectives.

P6 (Broker) is defined as Point, Place, Panorama, and Pictorial of People on the Property

PaaS (Threat) is Porn as a Service 

PEACH (Source) is defined as Please Enter All Cars Happy! (EZ thought that too cheesy)

PC (Broker) is defined as Personality Camouflage

PCQ (Broker) is defined as Poor Crud Quality.

POPTARTs (Ignite) is defined as Polymorphic Operational Programming of Technology to Aggregate Recurring Temporal Synergies. It is used in Ignite to identify the relationship of code information between multiple nano chips to make program instructions more efficient.

PI (π)-R-Squared DP (Ignite) is defined as Parallel Integration of Real-time Role-based Deterministic Programming. It is used in Ignite as a method Su Lin introduces to create more efficient programming. At a causal glance the mathematics of it appear counter-intuitive.

PIP (Factor) is defined as Programmable Identity Processor. It is used in conjunction with the reference to a type of identity authentication used with a cell phone to produce a tone identified as a PIP-Squeak.

PPP (Wraith) is defined as Prudence Pursuit Puzzle. It is used by characters of the R-Group as they develop a game to locate a missing U.S. federal employee.

QGATS (Gamers) is defined as Questionable Goods And Tainted Services when hunting for stolen goods that may have been fenced.

QUOD (Broker) is defined as Quite Unusual Old Documents: Quod is Brittish for Prison and is used in some European countries today depending upon where one was educated

RAT (Ignite) is defined as Remotely Accessible Trojan. It is used in Ignite to highlight the potential of a hacker program which might be used to gain control over a computer.

RED (Threat) is defined as Readily Enabled for Destruction (RED points)

RIO (Ignite) is defined as Radio Intercept Operators. It is used in Ignite to identify the communications operators for the drones.

RONDA (Beyond) is short for Robotic Onboard Neural Detective & Assistant that is assisting Dusty.

SABOTAGE (Broker) is defined as the Sequential Algorithms Based On Timely Assessments to Garble Eavesdropping: This is a Big Data program designed to scan and assemble knowledge and vulnerabilities of criminal activity.

SAMUEL (Stolen) is defined as Sequential Aggregation of Matrices for Uniform Equations and Logarithms. It is used in Stolen as a creative identity for the Oakridge TN supercomputer. It is strictly a fictional identity and in the story SAMUEL (aka Sam) is a member of the ART forms (see above) and can be accessed covertly by ICABOD (see above).

SAVAGE (Broker) is defined as Sabotaging Algorithms and Vectors for Altering Global Expectations. It is used in Savage to highlight the potential vulnerability of the Internet and the dependency upon the accuracy of the information accessed via the Internet.

SEP (Broker) is defined as a Scorched Earth Program

SGT (Broker) is defined as Spoken Genie Technology

SNAG protocol (Source) is defined as Situations Needing Aggressive Grooming 

SNOT (Wraith) is defined as Systems Now Operating Transparently. It is used in Wraith as the virus delivered to control computers. It was located by Petra (R-Group) using a reverse analytical look up on TONS which was found on a suspicious USB drive.

SOB (Threat) Save Our Bacon

STILETTOS (Stolen) is defined as STepped IN IT Operating System. It is used in Stolen to convey the progress that ICABOD is making in understanding humor as he is being tutored by his creator, Quip.

STINKIE (Stolen) is defined as Statistical and Theoretical Integration of Numerals Kinetically and Infinitely Evolved. It is the known named identity for our Helsinki supercomputer. It is maintained by the team under Dr. Xavier Bacon. STINKIE is a member of the ART forms (see above) and can be accessed covertly by ICABOD (see above).

SUMPP (Always) is defined as Saturation of Unlimited Message Pounding and Protection. It is used in Always to identify a fictitious program that is used by the Australian subcontractor led by Tuck to counteract actions by the Russians and Chinese to ruin other countries’ supercomputers.

TEA (Stolen) is defined as Theater Exchange of the Absurd. It is used in Stolen to help ICABOD see some subtleties of humor as delivered by Wolfgang (R-Group).

Vampire (Always) is defined as virtually amplified mathematical processing of integers recursively and exponentially. It is used in Always as a reference to a project that experiments on processes for living forever with human subjects.

WANK (Ignite) is defined as Whiskey, Alpha, November, Kilo. It is used in Ignite as the call sign for a plane identity.

Üῴ₸ẐӁ (Broker) is defined as and Translated from Yaqui Indian to mean colossal Jerk: In English it is pronounced as Über putz.

z-KAPAT (Source) is defined as Zero Knowledge Awareness Proof Anonymizing technology



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