Book One: The Enigma Factor

A complex thriller with a hacker-centric plot and polished technological descriptions.

-Kirkus Review

…I was fascinated with the authors’ attention to detail while completely enthralled with reading The Enigma Factor,… I cannot say enough about this book. If you like stories that encompass history, adventure, with all the complexities of betrayal and intrigue faced by those who provide security for the financial sector, then you will enjoy this work.

Elise Towner at Readers’ Favorite

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Like rust, the cat and mouse game of the new cyber warfare age never sleeps. 

Jacob Michaels battles against global cyber masterminds using his knowledge of programming, identity theft, and hacking, but learns more about security and encryption when he connects with the distractingly beautiful encryptionist Petra. Jacob’s challenge is how to keep ahead of the criminals and identify who to trust. 

In their debut Techno Thriller, The Enigma Factor, award-winning authors Breakfield and Burkey weave a complex tale of danger, intrigue, and international cyber combat. They use a relevant technology foundation, then layer on travel, romance, humor and mystery