Short Stories and Anthologies

Fears, Tears, or Cheers:


Fears, Tears, or Cheers:

Jo Wagner, JoW, the young Brazilian International supermodel, experiences a horrible flashback to her previous life in captivity. Although she thought the trauma buried and forgotten, it hits her like an unexpected sledgehammer.

Caribbean Dream:

Xiamara and Judith work multiple jobs saving for university tuition for entry into the high paying tech jobs available everywhere. They have a sponsor for the fall semester at the university, less than a year away. They must pay to play.

Hidden Target:

Brayson is an excellent cyber security expert with a military and black ops background. The death of his first love causes him to lose focus and risk his team members. A friend lends him a secluded cabin to think, relax, and decide what he wants in life.

Out of Poland:

The setting is Poland 1939, Germans are marching toward Warsaw running their armor, and devastating swarms of armed soldiers, along with their cavalry. Fighting against the Nazi military machine is a death wish realized all too clearly.

Destiny Dreamer

Jamie started life as a carefree lad in Ireland, living in a farm family. When his brother Ian was born, he vowed to show him all the best things as a big brother. They became best friends from the time Jamie taught Ian to drive a tractor. Their bonding exercises as young men was rebuilding a motorcycle from a box of greasy old parts. They traveled to learn their destiny together.

Riddle Codes

Brayson is determined to graduate at the top of his class in the exclusive master’s technology program from Warsaw University. Distractions are nowhere on his schedule. His talent, military brat upbringing, and drive to succeed will allow many doors to open to him with this degree.

Remember The Future

1960s Europe is steeped in change. Youth are rebellious of the old ways, while confidently exploring the new possibilities. Who could one trust now that the Iron Curtain descended?

Julianne is part of the European aristocracy that is struggling to adapt in the confines of the Cold War. Traditional norms are being challenged by most of her generation who desire personal freedoms. Her naivety is no longer an asset when compared to knowledge or experience.

Loves Enigma

Hopelessly in love and desperately fearful!

Zara and Buzz are products of vastly different upbringings. Their chance meeting ignites attraction they must explore. Even with lies and omissions, they find themselves falling in love. For them it’s a good thing that love is blind.

A defining incident offers the opportunity to explore a future together. They move away from everything for a fresh start. 

The Jewel

Haddy and Otto are so in love. They started their family only to learn Haddy could have no more children. Haddy adores her daughter and helps her grow but, over time, slides down the slope of depression.

Otto, refusing to lose the love of his heart, comes to an inflection point. He coaxes Haddy out for the evening to celebrate her birthday, the first time in four years. Using his charm and wit, he plans the evening to court her like before they married.

Nowhere but UP

Mathias and Halverson are trudging toward the Brazilian border to escape the Venezuelan secret police who want to kill them. Once they had first class service, which is now reduced to third-world transport and lifestyle. Escape holds the promise of shearing more sheep to line their pockets.

Unexpectedly their biggest nemesis, Genesis spots them before they cross the border. Her fury is unparalleled. She explodes their cover, her cover, and a firefight ensues. 

Hot Chocolate

Watch the family dynamics of a young couple as they embrace the yuletide. Petra and Jacob do a mash up of their cultural heritages during the festivities with their family.

Petra, raised in Europe, cherishes the older European traditions of candle lighted trees and real Swiss chocolate, piping hot with marshmallows and whipped cream.

Beyond The Sea

One photograph – A single image – A lonely boat on the edge of sea
Is it adrift? – Was it abandoned? – Did it wash ashore? – Was anyone aboard?
Did someone leave it behind? – Is anyone coming back? – Who knows.
The sea has washed the footprints away.
Look at the vessel and think: “If that old boat could talk, what stories it would tell.”
Wonder no longer.

Tall Tales and Timeless Stories

Thirty-nine stories from seventeen authors to enthrall and entertain you. Chose from mystery, crime, and horror to paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy, plus young adult and children’s to adventure and western, with some historical, literary, and memoirs thrown it for good measure. Many of these stories are award winners from the Granbury Writers’ Bloc quarterly short story contest. So sit down, relax, and enjoy!

MEMORIES OF MOM: Rave Soup For The Writer's Soul Anthology 2022

In every child’s memory bank, there are some memories that stand out above all the rest – the memories of Mom. The woman who gave you life, cared for you, fed you, wiped away your tears, made you smile, put her life on pause for you, and cheered you on at every turn, deserves every treasure that you can bestow upon her.

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