The Enigma Beyond: Book 11

The authors’ tech-savvy prose is typically sharp, but the story also has breaths of fresh air, from the still learning students to Tony’s off-the-grid run with new friend (aka romantic interest), Rose, that’s free of contemporary technology. Villains may be largely anonymous, but they’re well rounded, as personal agendas turn them against one another.   – Full Kirkus Review

The Enigma Beyond being the eleventh volume of this series remains riveting and exciting. It’s a continuation from previous installments but it did not leave me feeling like I joined a conversation in the middle. – Literary Titan Review

The Enigma Beyond by Breakfield and Burkey has everything that you could wish for in a thriller. The pace has been set wonderfully right from the beginning, the action is intense and the overall feel of the story is incredible. – Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite