The Enigma Always: Book 6

The authors have likewise mastered scenes that are simultaneously cool and comical…The authors excel at breezing through exposition, quickly setting up their newest tale…By now there are enough recurring characters that many have paired up romantically, but Breakfield and Burkey still manage to churn out fresh interactions between the couples….As always, loaded with smart technological prose and an open ending that suggests more to come.

-Excerpts from Kirkus Review

Fast-paced and gripping, there is no waste, not of words, not of a single plot element…The characters are well-developed, the complicity between some of them lived through very threatening and dangerous moments… Breakfield & Burkey are expert storytellers, entertainers who create a story that will have readers oblivious to their immediate reality…I enjoyed the excellent writing, the complex plot, and the monumental conflict.

-Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite