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Book Three: The Enigma Ignite

book-3A solid espionage thriller that adds more tension and lightheartedness to the series.

–Kirkus Review

…Breakfield is a solution architect in hybrid data/telecom environments and Burkey works for improved customer experiences with a high-tech manufacturer. They also are adept in writing about the human element… They also paint an interesting picture of the elite R-Group, whose members are multilingual and have access to great wealth. If you’re interested in espionage, high technology and thrillers, The Enigma Ignite is for you.

Raanan Geberer for Readers’ Favorite 


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U.K. version of The Enigma Ignite Audible is now available as well!

Narrated by Derek Shoales.


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The Race to Dominate Battlefield Communications 

  A high-level defense contractor, Keith Austin Avery, has one responsibility: to find the ideal battlefield communications solution, combining nanotechnology with the use of drones. Avery comes across the work of a quiet Texas university professor and thinks he’s solved the puzzle. As Avery postulates uses for this technology, he draws the attention of a powerful terrorist group, with traumatic results. The professor and her assistant find themselves at the Georgia home of telecommunications subcontractor Andrew, where they must work together with the R-Group’s Jacob, Petra, and Quip to locate the terrorists and their prisoners—and an unexpected romance begins with a sweet southern drawl. Together, the team is a technological force to be reckoned with. But will their knowledge of analytics and big data be enough to save the day? Find out in the high-tech third installment of the Enigma Series, preceded by The Enigma Factor and The Enigma Rising.    

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