Book 10: The Enigma Source


…Breakfield and Burkey excel at efficiently recapping earlier events and character histories while also delivering a fresh story.  The pace is unremitting throughout, aided by the authors’ use of very short scenes and chapters…Another top-tier installment that showcases exemplary recurring characters and tech subplots. (full Kirkus Review)

-Kirkus Review

This is a novel of the world we live in today…The characters are well crafted even though there are several…There is considerable humor injected into the writing also but in general this a great techno-thriller that lets you peek into the control centers of the computer-driven digital world we live in today that we take for granted. Breakfield & Burkey’s “The Enigma Source (The Enigma Series Book 10)” introduces you to a very real threat of cyberterrorism… If you liked books like Dan Brown’s Origin or Mark Goodwin’s Cyber Armageddon you will love Breakfield & Burkey’s “The Enigma Series. (full Authors Reading review)

-James B. – Authors Reading

…the story is very well put into place, like I said, complex, lot of characters, many different settings and time, an intrigue that plays on an international level, etc. but the authors find a way to keep it going on track for the entire book and that’s good work…but if you love complex intrigue, have an interest in economy and crypto-currency… this might be a good pick! 

-The International Review of Books

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The Irony of paper money in the digital age . . .

The irony of paper money in the digital age. How long will it take governments to realize that hard currency, with its analog tangibility, can be displaced overnight by a crypto-currency from a rival nation? Savings simply erased, commerce turned off, and whole populations in economic suspended animation. Bold predictions, but in hindsight how could we not have foreseen the inevitable outcome?

Woo-Hoo! Did we tell you that The Enigma Source won first place

in the Suspense/Thrillers fiction category at the 25th Annual CIPA EVVY Book Awards August 17th, 2019!

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