Book Six: The Enigma Always

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Book Six: The Enigma Always

The authors have likewise mastered scenes that are simultaneously cool and comical…The authors excel at breezing through exposition, quickly setting up their newest tale…By now there are enough recurring characters that many have paired up romantically, but Breakfield and Burkey still manage to churn out fresh interactions between the couples….As always, loaded with smart technological prose and an open ending that suggests more to come.

-Excerpts from Kirkus Review

Fast-paced and gripping, there is no waste, not of words, not of a single plot element…The characters are well-developed, the complicity between some of them lived through very threatening and dangerous moments… Breakfield & Burkey are expert storytellers, entertainers who create a story that will have readers oblivious to their immediate reality…I enjoyed the excellent writing, the complex plot, and the monumental conflict.

-Ruffina Oserio for Readers’ Favorite

Paperback, eBook, Audible formats available

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Click the button below to order your signed copy of The Enigma Always from Breakfield and Burkey. $18 includes shipping in the continental U.S. Orders outside of the U.S. – contact Breakfield and Burkey

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Also available in Audible – UK, FR, and DE marketplaces 

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Who wants to live forever?

While the R-Group continues its quest to protect people from immoral technological advancements, The Enigma Always has the team battling Dr. Pekoni as he seeks to attain the capability to engineer human tissue and live forever. Not only must the group dig deep into their arsenal to stand up to Pekoni’s threat, they strain at the diverse forces threatening to pull them apart. Returning cyber opponents interject their own brand of cyber-terrorism that also diverts the team’s resources. Still reeling from physical and emotional wounds, Petra is unable to face the group; Buzz has fallen hard for Daria; and Su Lin’s past not only puts her in danger, but also has the group doubting her motives. A thrilling look at what happens when leading-edge computing power is leveraged against biotechnical engineering, The Enigma Always keeps both minds and passions engaged. In technology combat, as in chess, there is always a single winning player.  

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