Book Four: The Enigma Wraith

Another stellar installment. Breakfield and Burkey show no signs of slowing down in an ever improving series.

-Kirkus Review

The Enigma Wraith is a fast paced technological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. I really liked how authors Breakfield and Burkey made everything seem so realistic; I could almost imagine something like the Ghost Code really happening and how truly damaging it could be. I greatly enjoyed reading The Enigma Wraith…

– Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

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The Dawn of the Ghost Code…

Every day we allow technology further access into our lives. While this mostly benefits us, it also increasingly exposes us to virtual vulnerabilities that have real-world consequences—if the wrong people choose to exploit them.

When the devastating Ghost Code is introduced into the digital landscape by two shadowy figures known as Callisto and Mephisto, the R-Group’s talented Jacob, Petra, and Quip must race to put the myriad fragments of information together to discover who these characters are and what they actually want before financial communities and energy suppliers around the world are brought to their knees.

As the insidious code grows like a cancer, embedding itself across the cyber frontier, can the R-Group develop a cure? The Enigma Wraith presents the team with the toughest puzzle they have ever faced—a puzzle so dizzyingly complex that it may very well be the first one they are not able to solve . . .