Charles Breakfield and Rox Burkey

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Bios for Roxanne Burkey and Charles Breakfield
Two Line Bios


Author Contact Info
Contact Information Sheet Breakfield and Burkey

Speaker Introduction
Roxanne Burkey & Charles Breakfield

6 Fun Facts About the Authors
Roxanne Burkey & Charles Breakfield

Enigma Book Series Reviews
Book Review All titles in the series

Press Releases for The Enigma Series

Dallas Authors Taking Readers on a Thrill Ride with The Enigma Series PDF


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The Enigma Series – Thrillers

from the award winning authors Breakfield and Burkey

Press Releases for each book in The Enigma Series

New! The Enigma Wraith 2nd edition PDF

Bragging rights for The Enigma Threat & awards PDF

The Enigma Factor PDF

The Enigma Rising PDF

The Enigma Ignite PDF

The Enigma Wraith PDF

The Enigma Stolen PDF

The Enigma Always PDF

The Enigma Gamers PDF

The Enigma Broker PDF

The Enigma Dragon PDF

The Enigma Source PDF

The Enigma Beyond - Who Won the AI Wars PDF

The Enigma Rising 2nd Edition PDF

Out of Poland (short story) PDF 

Love and Romance - Love's Enigma & Jewel (short stories) PDF

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